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Military Buildup’s Environmental Takedown

By: Juliana Duran
Scientific American
June 25, 2013

Guam, a US territory, is an island that is no stranger to war or military presence. It first came under US control after the Spanish- American war. However, during WWII, after Pearl Harbor was bombed, the Japanese invaded and occupied Guam. Ultimately, American forces retook the island, and following the war Guam was once again under US control and became a territory. Since then, the US military has been present on the island (CSIS 2012). The military has been a large part of Guam’s recent history, and it continues to drive much of the decision making in the Guamanian government. Currently the Navy, Army and the Air Force each have forces on the island and all are expected to increase greatly in the next seven years.

In 2006 a policy decision dictated that 8,000 US troops would move from Japan to a new site to decrease the military footprint on Okinawa and Japan. Guam was chosen as one of the sites of relocation with 5,000 troops and 1,300 dependents scheduled to make the move (McAvoy 2010). However, there are those that feel that the small island is ill equipped to handle the influx of new residents. Due to aging infrastructure, the military buildup will greatly effect Guam’s environment and impact its people if nothing is done to mitigate this problem.

In 2010 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reviewed the military’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS). They found the DEIS to be unsatisfactory and recommended many changes (EPA 2010).


For the entire article, see
http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/expeditions/2013/06/25/military- buildups-environmental-takedown/


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