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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] VOCs: Vapor intrusion in non-residential buildings at Moffett Federal Airfield (CA)
Toxic vapors found in NASA Ames buildings

Moffett museum, commissary and convention center among those affected by TCE, PCE

by Danielt DeBolt
Mountain View Voice (CA)
April 26, 2013

The Department of Defense has found toxic vapors in several buildings at Moffett Federal Airfield, buildings that are in use by the public, the military and NASA employees.

According to a report released this month, the air of 23 buildings was tested on a portion of Moffett Field where the United States Navy is responsible for the pollution cleanup. Two occupied buildings had toxic vapor levels above EPA limits in areas where people work: the Moffett Field history museum and Moffett's Building 10, which houses a crew of building maintenance workers.

Several other buildings also had elevated levels of toxic vapors in single locations not occupied by workers. Those buildings include the NASA Ames convention center and cafeteria, the Moffett Field Commissary -- where members of the military buy discount groceries and other items, and two large research lab buildings, N239A and N210.


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