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Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2013 10:41:32 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] HEALTH, VOCs: Bethpage (NY) cancer study
Evaluation of Cancer Incidence and Environmental Exposures In the Area of the Naval Weapons Industrial Reserve Plant (NWIRP) and Grumman Aerospace Sites, Bethpage, Nassau County, New York

Prepared by the Cancer Surveillance Program Center for Community Health New York State Department of Health with the assistance of staff from the New York State Cancer Registry and the Bureau of Environmental Exposure Investigation Center for Environmental Health
January 18, 2013


The environmental evaluation showed that unusual environmental exposures had occurred in a small number of homes east of the Navy FDMA. It was not known how long these exposures had been present, or if other homes may have been affected in the past. Exposures to unusual levels of contaminants may have occurred in the past in a small number of homes south of the Grumman FSPA, but it is not known whether any exposures had actually occurred, and if so, exactly when, at what levels, and in which homes. Based on the findings of a completed pathway of exposure to unusual levels of contaminants for a small number of homes in the area east of the Navy FDMA, it was concluded that additional examination of cancer occurrence was indicated.

In Study area 1, the one-block area where elevated levels of contaminants related to the NWIRP site had been found in indoor air, the cancers that were identified were all of different types. While some of these types of cancer have been associated with some of the site-related contaminants, these were not uncommon cancers and have many known and suspected risk factors other than chemical exposures. There was no clear relationship between the occurrence of cancer or the type of cancer identified and the levels of contaminants found in the homes. The total number of cancers was similar to the approximate number expected. The only thing unusual about the cancers occurring in Study area 1 was the younger than usual ages of the people affected. Due to the limited size of this one-block area, however, these results do not provide a clear indication of an unusual pattern of cancers.

For the larger area near the NWIRP and Grumman sites, Study area 2, the most frequently diagnosed types of cancer in this area were the types most frequently found in adults, and there was no more than one case of any single rare cancer type. Most of the people diagnosed with cancer in Study area 2 were diagnosed at the ages where cancer occurs most frequently, and the cancers did not appear to be related to findings of the limited amount of air sampling that had been conducted. Cancer patterns in this area were therefore not unusual.


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