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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Rats trained to detect land mines
[I don't know how real this story is, but I couldn't pass it up. But I don't want to hear any comparisons of EOD Techs to giant rodents. - LS]

An Army of Giant Rats Unearths Peace in Africa

John Converse Townsend
Huffington Post
December 6, 2011

It takes a true visionary to see a Buddhist monk deploying a pack of giant rats as the solution to the devastating danger posed by landmines.

Every few hours, another person is killed or maimed by a landmine. Even in areas removed from active conflict, landmines are more than just distressing reminders of former bloodshed -- they're hidden hazards that terrorize populations and freeze development.

Identifying, unearthing and disarming these explosives is dangerous and daunting. Despite record clearances, more countries deployed anti- personnel mines last year than in any year since 2004.

But one social innovator has risen to the challenge -- with the help of a few hundred friends. The innovator is the industrial engineer, Buddhist monk and Ashoka Fellow Bart Weetjens.

His hundreds of friends are sub-Saharan Africa's giant pouched rats. About three feet long and armed with a powerful sense of smell, these rats might just be humanity's best hope for moving forward with confidence.

For the entire article, see
http://www.huffingtonpost.com/john-converse-townsend/an-army-of-giant- rats-une_b_1129358.html


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