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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] URANIUM: Nuclear Metals (MA) settlement
Concord superfund site settlement announced

By William Hodges
Examiner Boston Environmental News
July 8, 2011
After years of work between federal, state, local and private interests the Environmental Protection Agency has reached a $70 million agreement with those responsible for contaminating a Concord, MA site with radioactive and other toxic waste. But will the agreement safeguard the local community and the surrounding environment?

Starmet, formerly known as Nuclear Metals, Inc, produced alloys and powdered metals, toners, and coatings for joints in addition to working with depleted uranium given to the company freely by the Department of Energy through the US Army. From the 1970’s until 1999 the MIT spinoff company turned that depleted uranium into weapons of mass destruction that it then sold back to the US Army. They also dumped the waste of these processes, totaling 400,000 pounds of toxic waste, into their backyard over the course of nearly 30 years. In 2001 the site was added to the Superfund National Priority List.

Depleted Uranium is a byproduct of the nuclear fission cycle and the uranium enrichment process. After powering nuclear power plants and ships that run on enriched uranium, that uranium then becomes a waste material that would otherwise need to be disposed of. One way to reduce storage of this waste product is to reuse it as a weapon. Because it is such a heavy material, it is denser then lead and stronger than steel, it easily goes through metals like those used to armor tanks. DU, as it is referred to, also heats and ignites, burning away at its surrounding. DU is also used as armor material and as nuclear shielding in hospitals. The radioactive properties of DU are contentious in part because of exposure of US troops and their allies during the first Gulf War and since.


For the entire article, see
http://www.examiner.com/environmental-news-in-boston/concord- superfund-site-settlement-announced


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