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Subject: Re: [CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Camp Bonneville (WA) dispute
Well what is new?  The Army was told this by the RAB back in the late '90's with the 'smokescreen' of 'no historical data, lets talk to those who trained on site and still are alive and living near it, etc. etc. etc.'  The biggest 'hooey' was 'ooo there was only ONE firing fan' and all the 'hoopla' to 'prove it' till those 'elusive historical data maps magically' showed up and revealed the whole 3800 acres was nothing more than criss-crossed firing fans from every direction imaginable. The Army was told over and over again during those RAB meetings 'you are here to serve and protect along with 'you made the mess-YOU clean it up'.  Here it is-what-almost 15+ years later?-and its the same sad and pathetic story.   I wonder where the honor/valor and integrity is within this branch (really any of them) of the military?  Maybe they use a different dictionary than I do.  As for the county commissioners at the time-all I can say is i'm glad at least one county commissioner in Clark County is standing up for what is the moral/ethical and legal thing to do!  Those beautiful acres are 'deadly' under that surface and someone's child or grandchild has a very real probability of getting 'hurt, maimed or killed' from those UXO's.

Stella Bourassa
Former RAB member of the Camp Bonneville BRAC

On 6/2/2011 3:41 PM, Lenny Siegel wrote:
Army given ultimatum on Camp Bonneville cleanup

County says pay for it, or no contract renewal

By Stephanie Rice
Columbian (WA)
June 1, 2011
Clark County officials have given the Army a July 14 deadline to commit to continue paying for the extensive cleanup of Camp Bonneville.

Otherwise, the county will not renew a contract with the Army to oversee the cleanup, Commissioner Marc Boldt said Wednesday, and plans to use the property as a regional park may be put off indefinitely.

Boldt told Commissioners Tom Mielke and Steve Stuart that negotiations with the Army, which used the 3,840-acre site in east county as an artillery range and training area from 1909 to 1995, have stalled.

The multimillion-dollar cleanup, overseen by the state Department of Ecology, has crawled along and been marked by cost overruns and funding disputes.


For the entire article, see


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