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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, GLOBAL: Vietnam cluster bomb cache
Mine Action ALERT
Project Renew
July 14, 2010

Hundreds of unexploded cluster bombs found near house in Quang Tri Province near former DMZ

Cam Tuyen, Cam Lo District, Quang Tri Province: Hundreds of unexploded cluster munitions, known as bombies, are being removed this week by a Project RENEW EOD team near the foundation of a home in Ba Thung Village, Cam Tuyen Commune of Cam Lo District.

Mr. Le Quang Minh, a carpenter who lives there with his family of six, desperately wanted the RENEW EOD team to come and remove the lingering fear he had carried silently for many years. "I want my children to live safely and healthily," said Mr. Minh, the reason he called the RENEW team and asked for their help.

Ten years ago, while Mr. Minh was away, some local scrap collectors found a large number of unexploded bombs in a dispenser. They dug a pit, backfilled the pit with dirt to cover it up, and left. Minh was aware that the ordnance was buried near his house, and this year decided to take action.

One of the collectors who buried the ordnance years ago, who still lives in the same village, came back to help Mr. Minh and the RENEW EOD team find the site and locate the cache of cluster bombs buried near the house. The team began excavation work, and over a period of three days they found more than 200 cluster bombs. Most were rusted and corroded, but the fuses were still hazardous if disturbed.


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