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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] CHEMWEAPONS, CLEANUP: Rocky Mountain Arsenal case study
Why We Need Good Information to Clean Up Bad Places: A Case Study

Susan Maret
San Jose State University (CA)
June, 2010

Roughly until the 1970's, the U.S. Army Chemical Corps was responsible for "defensive and offensive aspects of biological and chemical warfare, the latter comprising incendiary and smoke activities as well as those of gas; and the defensive aspects of radiological warfare." One of the Corps lead chemical and biological weapons manufacturing facilities was the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, located near Denver, Colorado.

The history of the Corps - including the Arsenal - is tied to secrecy, restriction of information, poor recordkeeping, information recycling, and information manipulation. These factors contribute to generational pollution, or the forced involvement of future generations in the pollution of the past.

This is why I believe we need good information to clean bad places.

The history of Rocky Mountain Arsenal, [1] like many of the sites in the Chemical Corp complex, provides a context for understanding government secrecy and the relationship of weapons development, waste practices, and agency recordkeeping. In part, too much of one kind of information, and not enough of another, the Arsenal's pollution history is incomplete, and future generations are de facto assigned responsibility for continuing the inquiry into the Arsenal's contamination and waste practices. Rocky Mountain Arsenal is the Department of Defense's most expensive Superfund cleanup project, estimated at a $75 million per year to taxpayers.


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