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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] RADIATION: Chromium at former UC Davis animal lab
UC Davis may have solved mystery of chemical contamination

Matt Weiser
Sacramento Bee (CA)
February 6, 2010

A dangerous chemical on the site of a former animal-testing laboratory at UC Davis may not have come from experiments there, but rather from a chemical reaction underground in the years since.

For 30 years starting in 1958, the Laboratory for Energy-Related Health Research was, for some, a place of discovery. For others it was a source of nightmares.

The lab conducted Cold War-inspired research for the U.S. Department of Energy, including exposing beagles to lethal radiation to judge how humans might survive.

Waste from those experiments, including hundreds of radioactive dog carcasses, was dumped on-site in crudely built landfills. The 15-acre location south of Interstate 80 was declared a federal Superfund site in 1994, a category reserved for the nation's most toxic industrial facilities.

Yet the presence of cancer-causing chromium-6 on the site has been a mystery. There is no evidence the chemical was used at the lab, said Sue Fields, an environmental engineer at the university. And the plume of chromium-6 in groundwater is strangely isolated rather than linked to a particular disposal are


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