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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] HEALTH, RADIATION: Huntington Pilot Plant/Reduction Pilot Plant (WV)
Workers at Former Huntington Plants Exposed to Plutonium, Neptunium
Buried Slurry in Piketon Leaking

By Tony Rutherford
Huntington News (WV)
February 1, 2010

Huntington, WV (HNN) - HNN has confirmed through publicly available, unclassified documents that the workers at the formerly 'secret' Huntington Pilot Plant/Reduction Pilot Plant (HPP/RPP) on the INCO campus were exposed to [at least] "trace quantities" of Neptunium and Plutonium. The Huntington facility received nickel from reactors at Hansford and Savannah River, as well as the Paducah and Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plants. The Portsmouth, Ohio, plant is located in Piketon, Ohio.

Vina Colley, a compensated Portsmouth (Piketon) Diffusion Plant former atomic worker and activist for compensation of workers, believes that plutonium and other residue on materials sent to Huntington for recycling and decontamination eventually made the Huntington plant contaminated beyond clean up.

The material that the Huntington plant received had been used at these various atomic energy plants as part of the chemical flow. Huntington's job was to reduce/remove the radioactivity and separate the compounds. For instance, once process separated nickel carbonyl and enriched uranium.


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