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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: "Army to scrap tungsten bullets"
Army to scrap tungsten bullets

By George Brennan
Cape Cod Times (MA)
September 11, 2008

Once billed as the green alternative to lead bullets, tungsten bullets are now on the scrap heap.

The Department of Defense is taking bids in an online auction through tomorrow for 190,000 pounds of tungsten from its Army Ammunition Plant in Missouri. The auction includes pieces of the bullets in various stages of production, but none are the ready-to-shoot finished product.

The fire sale is likely prompted by a 2006 discovery at Camp Edwards that powder from the tungsten bullets was leaching into the sandy soil of the Massachusetts Military Reservation. A groundwater sample taken that year beneath one of the small-arms ranges showed concentrations as high as 560 parts per billion. One part per billion is equal to a half teaspoon in an Olympic-sized swimming pool.


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