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Date: 29 Jul 2007 07:46:40 -0000
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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Massachusetts Bay "foul area"
Hot water: Could the new LNG pipeline stir up old radioactive waste?

By Barbara Taormina/GateHouse News Service
North Shore Sunday (MA)
July 29, 3007

Beverly -

Polly Bradley leans back in her favorite stuffed armchair in the living room of her Nahant home, shakes her head and admits the fight with Excelerate Energy is pretty much over. The hearings have ended, the permits have been issued and the company has started construction of a new liquefied natural gas terminal about 13 miles off the coast of Gloucester.


During the '40s and '50s, radioactive waste from different sources, including a small company in Beverly that processed uranium for the first atomic bombs, was dumped in Massachusetts Bay. No one seems to know exactly what or how much radioactive junk was tossed overboard, but some suggest it could be tens of thousands of barrels and concrete containers. And it’s down there on the ocean floor in the company of lots of other containers of industrial chemicals and waste that were dropped off at the Massachusetts Bay Industrial Waste Site, which has affectionately come to be known as the "foul area."


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