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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Riverview Elementary school, Tonawanda, NY
Hackett residents deserve what's right

Opinion by Christopher Thomas
The Tonawanda News (NY)
April 26, 2007


I am a resident on Hackett Drive who purchased my house 10 years ago. When I purchased the house I did my due diligence by not only having the home inspected by the bank, I hired an independent consultant to advise my wife and I of our largest investment. After the information came back it seemed to be a wise investment. Now we’re not so sure.

Anyone who has purchased a home knows of the paperwork involved in such a transaction. I asked about the property behind my house and was told that the land is owned by the Town of Tonawanda and residents use it to ride their ATVs. National Grid also has a right of way to get to the utility poles that run along the fence line of the homes on Hackett. Since living here, both of these have happened. So I never questioned anything else. I can tell you in our deed, it states the cut in the Town of Tonawanda fence must be there so the utility company can get to their pole. Nothing was ever mentioned or disclosed that I was next to a toxic landfill.

As a homeowner I am concerned with this new information as anyone would be.

In 2003, the Army Corps of Engineers came to Riverview Elementary school with other officials letting us know they found toxic waste. Now, new information keeps coming out. A company that produced smoke detectors in the town dumped Americium into the sewer lines. Once detected, it was burned and buried in the landfill. New information clearly shows this was the worst thing that could have been done as this now became airborne.


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