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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] San Gabriel Valley (CA) water treatment
Water flows to new treatment plant

By Shirley Hsu, Staff Writer
Whittier Daily News
December 17, 2005

BALDWIN PARK - With a few clicks on a computer mouse, officials 'flipped
the switch' on a nearly $50 million water treatment facility designed to
clean dangerous chemicals out of some of the San Gabriel Valley's most
polluted water.


Poisonous industrial solvents and other contaminants were discovered in
the San Gabriel basin water supply in 1979. The pollution came from
years of improper chemical disposal by local companies that began in the
1940s, when many industries used the chemicals for manufacturing during
World War II.


Water is pulled out of the water basin within a half-mile of the plant.
It first goes through 'air stripping towers' to remove volatile organic
compounds, which are carcinogenic. It then runs through an ion exchange
system, which removes perchlorate and nitrates, which are cardiovascular
toxicants. Then it enters an ultraviolet radiation system that cleans
the water of the carcinogens NDMA, and 1,4 dioxane.


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