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From: Lenny Siegel <lsiegel@cpeo.org>
Date: 4 Nov 2005 15:39:25 -0000
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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Perchlorate - low levels in Utah milk
Investigative Report: Contaminant Found in Utah Milk

Debbie Dujanovic Reporting KSL-TV 5 (Salt Lake City, UT) November 3, 2005

Tonight, a secret uncovered about something in the milk you and your family drink. It isn't clear is whether it is a serious public health threat or not, but what is clear is nearly all experts agree more testing is needed. What is also clear, the State of Utah did test, but never told anybody, so we did our own tests.

We are not going to suggest you stop drinking milk. We are going to show you what's in the samples we had tested. It is controversial --experts disagree on how much is too much-- but we found something you should know about.


Perchlorate in every carton of milk we bought, measured in parts per billion. The range: almost 10 for whole milk from West Valley to just over one in chocolate milk we purchased in Provo. The overall average is almost 5-parts per billion.


For the entire story, see

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