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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Uranium cylinders at Paducah (KY)
Uranium-filled cylinders at plants may be corroding 
Memo: Toxic gas in containers at Paducah, two other sites 

By James Malone
Louisville Courier-Journal (KY)
October 25, 2005

PADUCAH, Ky. -- Cylinders storing depleted uranium at the Paducah
Gaseous Diffusion Plant may be corroding because of toxic gas mistakenly
left in them, according to a federal memo obtained by The

About 1,825 cylinders at the plant previously had been used to store
phosgene, a chemical warfare gas, according to the memo from the
Department of Energy Inspector General's Office to nuclear facilities in
Paducah; Oak Ridge, Tenn.; and Portsmouth, Ohio. 

The issues regarding the cylinders are: does enough phosgene remain to
endanger workers or the public, will the gas corrode the tanks and cause
a leak, and could the gas cause a dangerous reaction during a proposed
conversion process? 


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