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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Rocky Flats (CO) history
Nuke plant on prairie manufactures history

By Kevin Vaughan
Rocky Mountain News (CO)
October 13, 2005

It rose from a rock-strewn mesa at the foot of the Rocky Mountains,
shrouded in secrecy and barbed wire - a concrete city where workers in
funny-looking suits and thick rubber gloves carried out top-secret work. 

For five decades, it stood on the high ground that gave it a name - the
Rocky Flats - even as it was buffeted by jittery neighbors with safety
questions, by protesters, by politicians. 

Within its carefully guarded perimeter fences, an army of scientists and
engineers took metals with exotic names - plutonium, uranium, beryllium
- and fashioned weapons designed to obliterate life on Earth. 

It was a factory, pure and simple, a steel and concrete city that
churned out thousands of nuclear bombs used as the triggers in the most
lethal weapons ever made by man. And now, 15 years after the last bomb
left Rocky Flats, it has been swept from the earth in the biggest
environmental cleanup of its kind. 


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