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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Department of Transportation builds at DC Navy Yard site
Intersection of Ideas: USDOT Headquarters

By Jim Parsons 
McGraw Hill Construction
September, 2005 

Delivering the 1.35 million-sq.-ft. U.S. Department of Transportation
Headquarters in Washington, D.C., from start to occupancy within 30
months is no Sunday drive. But the project's various teams, some working
under separate government contracts, are successfully navigating their
way to the finish.

New Cabinet-level headquarters projects don't come along very often. So
it's hardly surprising that the new home for the U.S. Department of
Transportation is not your average federal building.

Unusual encounters and obstacles have underscored the evolution of the
two-tower, 2-million-gross-sq.-ft. complex in Washington, D.C., from the
government's acquisition strategy to numerous underground infrastructure issues.


Along with the typical logistical problems associated with a site the
size of three football fields, the excavation program required an
archeological search for artifacts from the Old Washington Canal, which
connected the Anacostia and Potomac rivers in the 18th Century. And more
than 100,000 cu. yd. of contaminated soil had to be removed from the
site, which in its former life was a Washington Navy Yard factory for
fabricating battleship gun barrels.


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