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From: Christine Ziebold <cziebold@ih.org>
Date: 10 Sep 2005 07:22:14 -0000
Reply: cpeo-military
Subject: Re: Subject: [CPEO-MEF] "When Burning is the Worst Option"
Laura, maybe it would help to remind CPEO listserv readers that Indiana
Department of Environmental Management's "careful air monitoring" that you
described did not happen out of the blue...

After extensive open burns of buildings at INAAP last year John Blair and I
intensely engaged with IDEM and wrote to the Governor of IN to protest the
practice, citing health effects (encouraged by many other readers of this
listserv, Vienna Merritt Moore from Ft Ord etc- thanks!). As a result of
this, the Army around the same time last year withdrew a request to burn
more. See MTP newsletter article, fall 2004 below
Christine Ziebold
Small Victories: No Burns at INAAP in October
By John Blair and Christine Ziebold
The US Army burned numerous buildings at the Indiana Army
Ammunition Plant (INAAP) last spring, despite concerns of negative health
effects, and despite the general prohibition of open burns in Indiana. The
Army contended that this was the only way to safely decommission the
buildings, even though by law alternatives need to be considered and do
We wrote to Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) and the
Governor in March, but the burns proceeded despite documented repeated
infractions. However, IDEM agreed to issue ³news media advisories² after the
3rd burn, arguably an adequate precautionary measure, and monitored
selected air pollutants at the last burn. This showed that lead emissions
temporarily violated federal air quality standards
Recently IDEM informed us that the Army had applied for another permit to
burn in October. IDEM does not have an electronic docket or list of all the
documents dealing with INAAP's burn requests. We became involved
again and are happy to report that INAAP withdrew their request on 9-15-04
without explanation. True, the Office of Land Quality had also told them
some time ago that they could wait to remove the metal and propellant grains
until winter when the grass dies back. To us, it suggests to never
underestimate the 
power of a few

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