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Date: 31 Jul 2005 20:53:17 -0000
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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Goodrich renegotiating Rialto (CA) perchlorate cleanup
Company renegotiating perchlorate cleanup

By Nikki Cobb
San Bernardino County Sun
July 30, 2005 

As a plume of perchlorate inches further into Rialto's groundwater, the
city is trying to make sure those responsible for its being there don't
get off the hook.

The city is suing San Bernardino County, the U.S. Department of Defense
and 140 companies and contractors in connection with the contamination
of Rialto's water with perchlorate, a rocket fuel additive thought to
cause thyroid malfunction.

One contractor, Goodrich Corp., is renegotiating an agreement that has
shielded it from enforcement by Rialto and other affected cities and
water agencies.


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