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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Sampling at school near DOE's Albany Research Center (OR)
Contaminated Water

By Jodi Unruh
July 14, 2005

Albany - 

Water test results are in from homes and an elementary school that
officials fear are contaminated with toxic chemicals. The chlorinated
solvents include Trichloroethene, Carbon Tetrachloride, and other
associated breakdown products of these chemicals. 

These chemicals have historically been used as solvents in such
processes as metal degreasing and dry-cleaning. Some of these chemicals
can also be found in common household products such as white out, spot
remover, and dry-erase ink. Long-term exposure to these toxic chemicals
are probable human carcinogens.

The Department of Environmental Quality started sampling the water after
finding chlorinated solvents in the groundwater near the Albany Research
Center. All of the homes and Liberty Elementary School are within a
two-block radius of the Research Center. 


For the entire story, see


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