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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] TCE from Canadian Forces Base Valcartier (Quebec)
What made Shannon so sick?
Solvent in water table: 'Don't drink it, don't bathe in it, don't
breathe it,' health officials warned
Montreal Gazette
June 11, 2005

Pierre Vachon saw four members of his family die of cancer - his father
20 years ago; his sister seven years ago, and his mother, a year later.

Three months ago, he buried his brother.

"Two of my kids are sick and my grandchildren, as well," said Vachon,
64, who recently had surgery for skin cancer, as did his younger brother.

The family fears something in their water is killing them. They wonder,
who will be next?

Vachon recalls the day in 2000 when health officials came knocking door
to door with a warning that trichloroethylene (TCE), a common industrial
solvent, had seeped into the underground water table from the adjacent
Canadian Forces Base Valcartier:


For the entire article, see


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