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Date: 10 Jun 2005 07:14:15 -0000
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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Florida oil drilling and encroachment
Nelson: Map shows drilling moving closer

The senator says it shows the Interior Department is looking at moving closer to Florida shores.

St. Petersburg Times (FL)
June 9, 2005

WASHINGTON - The Interior Department is considering whether to allow oil and gas drilling in a vast swath of the eastern Gulf of Mexico, coming within 160 miles of Tampa Bay, according to U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson.

If approved, the drilling could begin as early as 2007. Most of it would be more than 200 miles offshore, a map shows, but it would reach into waters covered by a Clinton-era moratorium aimed at blocking drilling in the eastern gulf until 2012.

The area runs from St. Petersburg to just south of Naples.

It also would overlap with the Eglin Gulf Test and Training Area, where the U.S. Air Force and Navy train pilots and sailors and conduct live-fire operations.


The military does not necessarily have the power to stop drilling, but its clout has proven an ally to Florida politicians seeking to keep oil rigs off the Gulf Coast. Pilots from several bases train over the eastern gulf, while the Navy uses those waters for surface maneuvers. The military historically has been wary of anything, such as oil platforms, that might get in the way.


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