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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] 'Green ammo' study to start at Camp Edwards
'Green ammo' study to start

Cape Cod Times
June 3, 2005

CAMP EDWARDS - This month Army researchers will begin a study to
determine what happens to so-called "green bullets" when they enter the
Cape environment.

When the tungsten-nylon bullet was introduced on the Upper Case base in
1999 as an environmentally friendly alternative to its lead counterpart,
it was thought to be nontoxic and insoluble, or unable to break down in water.

Over the past two years, researchers have linked human exposure to
tungsten to leukemia clusters in Nevada. Researchers have also
determined that the metal may be able to break down in water solutions,
raising questions about whether metal from the bullets could travel
through the soil from Camp Edward ranges and enter the Cape's drinking
water supply.


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