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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Carbon filtration of perchlorate
Perchlorate removal offers hope

INLAND: A carbon filter being tested is seen as a breakthrough in removing the pollutant from water.

By ROBERTO HERNANDEZ Riverside Press-Enterprise (CA) April 25, 2005

The latest way to remove a rocket-fuel chemical that has contaminated Inland water supplies could soon be up for state approval.

If approved, the new method will help create a substantial backup water supply for Redlands and a way to clean up pollution that has become the latest threat to drinking water in California and other states.

"The treatment technology works and it removes it down to almost nothing," Doug Headrick, Redlands chief of water resources, said this month. Such a treatment would exceed state guidelines. "We can't even detect it."


The method being tested in Redlands involves modifying a proven method of filtering water with granular activated carbon, or GAC. Carbon is commonly used to remove chlorine, pesticides, benzene, solvents and other chemicals. When water flows past the porous surface of carbon, the chemicals stick to the carbon while the water passes on.

But, until now, GAC has not been an efficient way of removing perchlorate from water. Headrick said the Penn State researchers have specially treated carbon so that it can remove a significant amount of perchlorate from water.


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