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Date: 17 Apr 2005 07:21:05 -0000
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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Tallevast plume much larger than thought
Tallevast plume reaches 131 acres
Toxic area is 21/2 times larger than last thought 

Bradenton Herald (FL)
April 16, 2005

TALLEVAST - The plume of groundwater contamination from the former Loral
American Beryllium plant has spread over at least 131 acres in this
small residential community - more than 21/2 times larger than the most
recent estimate.

And Lockheed Martin is not done looking for cancer-causing solvents.

A new Lockheed report, sent to the state and The Herald on Friday, shows
a plume that has slithered under most of the homes surrounding the old
plant, reaches out into farmland to the southeast and northwest, and
stretches past a nearby golf course.

The contamination also appears to have leached northwest, up 15th Street
East into commercial properties, where warehouses stand and institutions
including the Airport Animal Hospital and Goodwill operate.

Lockheed, responsible for the cleanup because it purchased the site in
the late 1990s, submitted the bulk of its testing results Feb. 1.
Officials said then they were confident the plume was 50 acres and
nearly mapped. On Friday, the community was outraged to learn that the
known contamination area is vastly larger - and may grow.


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