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Date: 8 Apr 2005 15:34:17 -0000
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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Skull Valley (UT) radwaste and the F-16
Goshute fight is back at NRC 

State asks board to reconsider its approval of tribal N-waste facility

By Jerry Spangler
Deseret Morning News (UT)
April 7, 2005

WASHINGTON - In golf, a do-over is called a mulligan. But when it comes
to the state's efforts to block the storage of spent nuclear fuel rods
on Goshute tribal lands in Tooele County, it's called a "Motion for Reconsideration."

On Wednesday, the state argued its mulligan before the Atomic Safety and
Licensing Board, which had earlier ruled 2-1 that a consortium of
nuclear power utilities, called Private Fuel Storage, had met the
regulatory requirements for a license to store the waste over the
objections of the state.


The latest appeal centers on what would happen if an aircraft, say one
of the thousands of F-16 military jets that fly over the site ever year,
were to crash into the canisters. Could the canisters - which consist of
waste wrapped in steel and then an overcoat of concrete - be ruptured in
such an accident and what would the extent of radiation contamination be?


For the entire article, see


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