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Date: 3 Mar 2005 23:26:05 -0000
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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] National Academy on nuke weapons waste
Removing All Radioactive Waste From Defense Sites Impractical,
Scientists Say 

By H. Josef Hebert 
The Associated Press (Albuquerque Journal, NM)
March 2, 2005

WASHINGTON - Scientists have recommended that a significant amount of
radioactive waste from Cold War bomb-making should remain at former
production sites. 

Reports by two panels of the National Academies urged the Energy
Department to revamp its massive $140 billion cleanup plans for defense
nuclear waste with the goal of transporting less of it to a central

How far the Energy Department should go to clean up the environmental
damage left over from decades of bomb-making, and the pace of the
cleanup, have sparked intense debate between the federal government and

State officials fear they may be burdened permanently with waste that
will be highly radioactive for thousands of years. Citizen activists and
state officials argue that the federal government is required to remove
as much of the highly radioactive waste left over from bomb-making as is
technically possible. 


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