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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Perchlorate debate
Perchlorate detected widely in mother's milk

Riverside Press-Enterprise (CA)
February 23, 2005

A study published Tuesday found the rocket fuel chemical perchlorate in all human milk samples collected from women in 18 states, raising new concerns about the federal government's efforts to determine a safe level in drinking water.

The researchers calculated that most of the babies whose mothers gave samples are consuming more perchlorate than the National Academy of Sciences recently found is safe.

The lead author of the study, published in the online edition of Environmental Science & Technology, said women shouldn't stop breastfeeding.


Kevin Mayer, EPA perchlorate coordinator for the Pacific Southwestern states, said his interpretation of the National Academy's work would put the safe level at 4.3 parts per billion for babies because they consume more liquid per unit of body weight than adults do.

"I'm just not able to explain with any clarity from a professional standpoint how the agency arrived at this (24.5 ppb) conclusion," said Mayer, perchlorate coordinator for more than seven years.

But Bill Farland, an acting deputy assistant administrator at the EPA's Office of Research and Development in Washington, D.C., said basing the safe dose on an adult's weight was appropriate because the most sensitive population is fetuses of pregnant women who have thyroid problems. The safe dose is based on the mother's weight.


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