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From: marylia@earthlink.net (marylia)
Date: 18 Feb 2005 18:16:10 -0000
Reply: cpeo-military
Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Re: RE: DU, cleanup and a budget note
Hi, just a quick thought for the day, triggered by the notation that the
Army thinks it's too expensive to clean up all of the DU at the Jefferson
Proving Ground. Most of us who live around Dept. of Energy sites (like me)
or DoD sites, have heard that it is "too expensive" to clean up one or more
contaminants (fill in the blank by listing the contaminant(s) from your
site here).

Yet, the Dept. of Energy fiscal year 2006 budget that just went to Congress
has billions for one or another aspect of nuclear weapons development and
"life extension", etc., etc.  -- as it does every year. The DOE budget
requests increased funds in 2006 for nuclear weapons. DOE environmental
management, on the other hand, is taking a big hit nationally. (And, of
course, the DoD budget request has many billions upon billions for weapons

So, my question for the day is this -- how come my government always has
"enough" money to develop weapons and never has "enough" money to clean up
the mess it makes developing weapons? And, a bonus question: How come we
let them get away with this line of reasoning when it comes to cleanup?


Marylia Kelley
Executive Director
Tri-Valley CAREs
(Communities Against a Radioactive Environment)
2582 Old First Street
Livermore, CA USA 94551

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