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From: Lenny Siegel <lsiegel@cpeo.org>
Date: 6 Jan 2005 19:55:48 -0000
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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] National Academy announces TCE toxicity committee
The National Academy of Sciences has officially announced its review of TCE toxicity. The following is taken from its web site (http://www4.nas.edu/webcr.nsf/5c50571a75df494485256a95007a091e/1dc1b9eb32716bf685256f7f00622ec2?OpenDocument&Highlight=0,TCE). If the URL doesn't work, go to http://www.nas.edu, click on current projects, and search for TCE.

To review the provisional committee membership, go to http://www4.nas.edu/webcr.nsf/CommitteeDisplay/BEST-K-03-06-A?OpenDocument
or click on the link from the project page. The Academy is taking feedback on the appointments through January 24, 2005. Given the controversy over the make-up of the Perchlorate committee, which is scheduled to release its findings January 11, I suggest that people with knowledge of potential conflicts of interest, bias, or overall lack of balance make their concerns known now to the Academy.

Please excuse the duplicate postings.

Lenny Siegel


Project Title: Assessing the Human Health Risks of Trichloroethylene : Key Scientific Issues

Date Posted: <Posted: 12/21/2004>
Project Identification Number: BEST-K-03-06-A

Major Unit:
Division on Earth and Life Studies

Sub Unit: Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology

Project Scope:
A committee of the NRC will identify and assess the key scientific issues relevant to analyzing the human health risks of trichloroethylene (TCE). In performing its task, the committee will give consideration to pertinent toxicological, epidemiological, population susceptibility, and other available information, including relevant published scientific literature; EPA's 2001 draft health risk assessment of trichloroethylene; scientific and technical comments received by EPA from public and private sources; and additional relevant information to be provided by the sponsoring agencies. The committee will hold one or more information-gathering sessions that are open to the public to gain additional insights on the issues from federal agencies, concerned parties, and other scientists.

The committee will highlight issues critical to the development of an objective, realistic, and scientifically-balanced TCE health risk assessment. The committee will focus on the issues of hazard characterization/mode of action for TCE toxicity; possible approaches to synthesize epidemiological data in informing the hazard characterization of TCE; differential susceptibility in different subpopulations or life-stages; the evidence for effects from TCE exposures alone compared with that for effects from mixtures of chemicals that include TCE; physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling; dose-response assessment; and quantitative assessment of both cancer and non-cancer risks. Special attention will be given to the availability of appropriate data and methods to implement the committee's advice, as well as the distinction between data analysis and data generation. The committee will distinguish between issues that can be addressed through short-term analyses and issues that are more appropriately addressed through medium- or long-term research projects.

The committee will not develop its own risk assessment, nor will it address any risk management issues.

Sponsors: Department of Defense, Department of Energy, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration

A final report will be issued at the end of the project in approximately 15 months.
Project Duration: 15 months

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