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Date: 23 Dec 2003 18:22:29 -0000
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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] DoD Draft Selection Criteria for Base Closure and Realignment
The following is an excerpt from the "Department of Defense Draft
Selection Criteria for Closing and Realigning Military Installations
Inside the United States" Notice from the Tuesday, Dec 23, 2003 edition
of the Federal Register.

The entire notice can be viewed online as a pdf at:

C. Draft Selection Criteria

It is proposed that the Department of Defense use the following
criteria in making recommendations for the closure or realignment of
military installations inside the United States:

-In recommending military installations for closure or
realignment, the Department of Defense will, giving priority
consideration to military value (criteria 1-4), consider:

Military Value

    1. The current and future mission capabilities and the impact on
operational readiness of the Department of Defense's total force,
including the impact on joint warfighting, training, and readiness.
    2. The availability and condition of land, facilities and
associated airspace (including training areas suitable for maneuver by
ground, naval, or air forces throughout a diversity of climate and
terrain areas and staging areas for the use of the Armed Forces in
homeland defense missions) at both existing and potential receiving
    3. The ability to accommodate contingency, mobilization, and future
total force requirements at both existing and potential receiving
locations to support operations and training.
    4. The cost of operations and the manpower implications.

Other Considerations

    5. The extent and timing of potential costs and savings, including
the number of years, beginning with the date of completion of the
closure or realignment, for the savings to exceed the costs.
    6. The economic impact on existing communities in the vicinity of
military installations.
    7. The ability of both the existing and potential receiving
communities' infrastructure to support forces, missions, and personnel.
    8. The environmental impact, including the impact of costs related
to potential environmental restoration, waste management, and
environmental compliance activities.

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