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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Group against Marine copters cites higher levels of pollution
Group against Marine copters cites higher levels of pollution
By Rick Rogers
December 16, 2003

A group that opposed the Marine Corps moving helicopters to Miramar and
Camp Pendleton in the mid-1990s says it sees vindication in a new study
showing higher levels of pollution than the military had claimed.

Jerry Hargarten, president of The MARCH Coalition Fund Inc., said an
environmental study arising from his group's lawsuit proves that the
helicopters at Pendleton and Miramar Marine Corps Air Station have
fueled a 130-ton-a-year increase in nitrogen oxides.

"I think this validates an important point we wanted to make," said
Hargarten, who heads MARCH  Move Against Relocating Choppers Here.

He said the increase is "in excess of the limit established by the Clean
Air Act." Officials from the San Diego Air Pollution Control District

The Marines released a statement with an explanation of the discrepancy.

"The recent analysis differs from the 1995 analysis primarily because it
incorporates a great deal of information that was not available at the
time of the 1995 study," the Marines said. "The calculation of new
emissions is based on the highest reasonable expected level of
operations at Miramar, a level that has not been reached to date."

Nitrogen oxides combine with volatile organic compounds in the
atmosphere to produce ozone, the primary component of smog.

Ozone can damage lungs and aggravate asthma. Children, adults who are
active outdoors and those with existing respiratory diseases are most
likely to feel the effects of increased ozone levels.

MARCH and others filed a lawsuit in 1997 to try to keep about 100
helicopters from calling San Diego home after the Marines took over
Miramar from the Navy as part of a base-closing and realignment process.
MARCH has opposed the helicopters on noise grounds.

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