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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Health issues under review at school site
Health issues under review at school site
Christopher Dunagan
December 13, 2003

 Residents raise cancer concerns as the old Nike missile site undergoes
investigations for possible contamination.

A federal health agency has agreed to investigate whether reported cases
of cancer near an old missile site in Kingston can be linked to
environmental pollution.

Several area residents have expressed concern about possible chemical
contamination at the abandoned Nike missile site -- the chosen location
for a new high school in Kingston.

The school property is being studied by Kane Environmental, a consultant
for the school district, and by the U.S. Environmental Protection

Area residents recently urged another federal organization, the Agency
for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, to investigate incidents of
cancer that seem to surround the school site.

"Our mandate is to respond to citizen concerns," said Ric Robinson of
the agency, a branch of the U.S. Department of Health and Human
Services. "We were just notified of this, and we're in the early stages
of figuring out what to do."

Normally, the agency assesses the health risk of a site after chemicals
are identified. In Kingston, no contamination has been confirmed, but
Robinson said it might be worthwhile to see whether reported cancers are
of an unusual pattern.

Terry Benish of Kingston said he knows of at least five households
stricken by cancer.

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