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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Testing of suspected dumpsite begins
Testing of suspected dumpsite begins
By Jennifer Gollan
Article Last Updated: Thursday, November 20, 2003 - 4:36:24 AM PST

More than two years after a former Army inspector charged that the
military dumped toxic waste at a reported landfill at Hamilton Field,
representatives of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and a local
environmental group are testing the soil this week to check the

Tuesday and again yesterday, representatives from Friends of Novato
Creek Watershed joined the Army's testing crew in drawing 24 soil
samples from the suspected four-acre dumpsite at the north end of a
former runway, not far from more than 200 upscale homes at Hamilton
Meadows and San Pablo Bay.

"Many years ago, I was told this was being used as a dumpsite," said Bob
Foley, a former team chief for the Army's command logistics evaluation
team, which evaluated hazardous materials supplies, as well as
maintenance and training areas. "I wanted to know what happened."

But Army officials contend there is no evidence that toxics were dumped
in the area.

The joint testing effort is unusual in that it allowed both the Army and
environmentalists to draw duplicate samples and independently verify
their results, officials said.

Environmentalists hope test results will determine the direction of a
cleanup plan to protect habitat for fish, birds and local residents.

Army officials appear ready to use the results to help resolve the
two-year dispute over the site's contents, and put the matter behind

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