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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Otero Warning Signs Up
New Mexico
Otero Warning Signs Up
By Penne Usher
Thursday, November 20, 2003

Signs are being installed in Otero Canyon warning hikers and bikers not
to enter the area without permission or face the possibility of

Lt. Kelley Jeter of Kirtland Air Force Base said some of the signs are
already in place on the perimeter of an M-60 firing range, and when
installation is complete more than 100 signs will mark the restricted
area. The gunnery range is near the Manzano fire lookout tower, at the
far southwest end of the popular trails in an area closest to the base.

The signs read, "Danger: Live Weapons Firing Ranges. Do not enter
without permission of the installation commander. Violators will be
prosecuted," said base commander Col. Henry "Hank" Andrews. The lower
portion of the signs contain the same message in Spanish, he said.

Jeter said the signs are strictly a public safety issue.

The base has received reports that users of the popular hiking and
mountain biking area off N.M. 337 south of Tijeras have been entering an
active firing range.

To ensure the public's safety the base decided to post the warning

Jeter said signs will be placed about every 150 meters around the
gunnery range and the work will take some time to complete.

"Installation crews work only when the range is at cease-fire, about one
to two hours a day. It's a pretty active range," she said.

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