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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] News Release on Newport's neutralent problems
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News Release
For More Information, contact: Terry Arthur, NECDF/NECD Public Affairs
Officer at (765) 245-4475
November 13, 2003

Newport, Indiana – Today the Army announced that the Newport Chemical
Agent Disposal Facility (NECDF) will delay chemical agent VX
neutralization operations planned for January.
The January date for start of agent operations was dependent on a plan
to transport hydrolysate, the neutralization byproduct, to Perma-Fix of
Dayton, Ohio, for treatment and final disposal. In mid-October, Parsons,
the prime contractor for the NECDF project, terminated it's subcontract
with Perma-Fix .  This action followed the Montgomery County, Ohio,
Commission's announcement that they would not support hydrolysate
treatment at Perma-Fix.  The county controls Perma-Fix's operating
discharge permit.

Since this action, the Army has been working aggressively to reevaluate
options for hydrolysate treatment and final disposal, and determine a
path forward that applies the most effective resources and technologies.

“We will continue to explore any available means to accelerate the
destruction of the Newport stockpile without compromising our commitment
to do so safely,” said NECDF Site Project Manager Jeff Brubaker. “Until
we have decided on a path forward, we will not speculate on a date for
agent operations to begin.” The Army is committed to meeting U.S.
obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention, which mandates
destruction of chemical agent and weapons stockpiles across the nation.

While the Army reevaluates options for hydrolysate disposal, operators
at the NECDF continue with systemization activities, testing each of the
facility’s systems and functions to ensure proper performance.  "With
the exception of a few details, construction is finished.  We are about
50 percent complete with systemization tests, and will continue with
those activities while we work the hydrolysate disposal issue," Brubaker

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