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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Adjust your monitor
Adjust your monitor
Army should at least consider a second safety system

Congress last week called for better systems to detect nerve gas leaks
at the Anniston Army Depot and other chemical demilitarization sites
around the country. Unfortunately, the Army dismissed the idea out of

"The Army remains firm in its belief that the current system of
monitoring is effective and provides for the protection of its workers,
the community and the environment," wrote Cynthia Smith, a Pentagon

That's too bad. The Army should at least consider adding another layer
of insurance to its monitoring system at Anniston. While there are
currently monitors that sound immediate alarms if nerve gas is detected
in the incinerator complex, the system requires about an hour's lab work
to verify whether the leak was real or just a false alarm.

Congress has asked the Army to consider a system that would operate
continuously and have a response within 10 seconds. It's worth a look,
for obvious reasons.

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