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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] So far, so good in Pease radioactive site search
New Hampshire
So far, so good in Pease radioactive site search
By Larissa Mulkern, lmulkern@seacoastonline.com
November 16, 2003

NEWINGTON - Tucked past the new office buildings at Pease International
Tradeport to the west lies a 1,089-acre green jewel vaguely shaped like

The Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge, owned and operated by the U.S.
Fish and Wildlife Service, is a stopover for numerous species of
migratory birds and a roosting place for bald eagles. A thriving deer
population finds a safe haven from tractor-trailer trucks and
civilization for all but one weekend a year - this weekend in fact -
when a hunt is allowed, according to Refuge Manager Jimmie Reynolds.

On the 3.5-mile approach to the refuge at the end of Arboretum Drive,
trees thicken, then thin out again, at the parking lot.

Then, whammo, a razor-wire surprise with a large sign: "Former Weapons
Storage Area."

It's an in-your-face reminder that this land, indeed, was once Pease Air
Force Base. High chain-linked fences ringed with razor-wire contain a
70-acre site formerly used as a weapons storage and maintenance area -
including nuclear weapons.

This green jewel may be a haven for wildlife, but it's what lurks
beneath the surface that interests a team of scientists currently
testing soil for potential radioactive contamination.

At the testing site Thursday, researchers from Cabrera Services, a
radiological testing and remediation company based in Connecticut, and
the Air Force Institute of Operational Health used state-of-the-art
equipment to determine the slightest existence of radioactive waste.

Thus far, researchers have not detected signs of abnormal levels of
radioactivity, or evidence of underground waste burial sites.

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