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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Rumsfeld defends use of sonar to Okinawans
Rumsfeld defends use of sonar to Okinawans
By Bill Gertz
November 17, 2003

SEOUL  Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld yesterday defended the
Navy's use of sonar in the Pacific and told the governor of Okinawa,
Japan, that scientific studies have shown it poses little danger to the

In a meeting with Gov. Keiichi Inamine, Mr. Rumsfeld was presented with
a list of the local government's complaints about the U.S. military on
the island, which is a strategic base and home to 17,600 Marines.

A U.S. official said the Navy's sonar is used at several bases.
Recently, it was used in Okinawa to detect the presence of Chinese

The governor's list included a call for banning the use of "new
low-frequency sonar made for underwater detection" around Japan,
according to a copy of the petition.

Mr. Inamine also said the number and size of U.S. bases on Okinawa
should be reduced, and noise from training exercises and flights should
be curbed.

"Training is increasing and also the noise," Mr. Inamine said. "For the
people of Okinawa, this is unbearable."

Mr. Rumsfeld responded that the U.S. military presence in Asia has
resulted in peace in the region for decades, a peace that has allowed
Japan to become one of Asia's strongest economies.

The governor told Mr. Rumsfeld during a 30-minute public meeting that
the people of Okinawa are not anti-American, but they feel that more of
Okinawa's 27,000 U.S. troops should be based in other parts of Japan.

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