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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Statement from the Secretary of Defense
United States Department of Defense
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No. 830-03
IMMEDIATE RELEASE  November 7, 2003
Statement from the Secretary of Defense

The conclusion of the conference on the 2004 Defense Authorization Bill
represents a legislative landmark. We are grateful to the leadership of
Chairman John Warner, Chairman Duncan Hunter, Chairman Tom Davis, Rep.
Ike Skelton and others. This legislation marks a significant step
forward in our quest to transform the Department of Defense. The global
war on terror has highlighted the importance of adapting this
institution to the threats and capabilities of the 21st century.

The bill allows the Defense Department to set up a National Security
Personnel System for the civilian workforce, and represents the most
significant improvement to civilian personnel management since the Civil
Service Reform Act of 25 years ago. These reforms will provide senior
managers greater flexibility in managing our dedicated civil service,
empower them to compete for high quality talent, offer compensation
competitive with the private sector, and reward outstanding service. It
will build greater pride in the civilian workforce and attract a new
generation of civilians to public service.

Properly executed, this provision also will assist us in better
utilizing the active duty force by making it easier to employ civilians
in jobs currently filled by uniformed military personnel.

The legislation will improve our military readiness. The clarifications
of the Endangered Species Act and the Marine Mammal Protection Act will
provide greater flexibility to train our fighting forces in a realistic
manner and allow us to carefully test and deploy critical technologies.
These clarifications will help the nation face the threats posed in the
21st century while maintaining a high standard of environmental

As we continue to transform the department, it is our goal to continue
to provide the defense our nation deserves in the global war on terror
and against the ever-changing threats around the world. This legislation
is a major step toward that objective.

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