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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] AF tests facilities for radium on 6 bases
AF tests facilities for radium on 6 bases
by Tech. Sgt. Carl Norman
November 5, 2003

11/5/2003 - WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio (AFPN)  -- Initial
test results at facilities on six Air Force bases indicate employees are
not at immediate risk from the residual radioactive material left over
from old luminous paints. The paints were used at the bases more than 60
years ago.

The initial tests results are from buildings here; the former Griffiss
Air Force Base, N.Y.; Hill AFB, Utah; Robins AFB, Ga.; Tinker AFB, Okla;
and Fairchild AFB, Wash. More detailed tests will be conducted in the
coming weeks by teams from the Air Force Institute for Operational
Health at Brooks City-Base, Texas.

The six-base examination came when Air Force experts discovered levels
of radium above naturally occurring levels in facilities at three
now-closed bases: Kelly AFB, Texas; McClellan AFB, Calif.; and Norton
AFB, Calif. Officials said radium levels in buildings at these former
bases are not considered to be harmful. These buildings also housed
facilities where luminescent paint was once used.

After discovering the residual radium at the three closed installations,
Air Force officials reviewed historical documents to determine if any
other Air Force facilities could be potentially contaminated with
radium. The buildings at the six installations were identified because
they are structurally similar to former depot buildings that were known
to house radium luminescent paint operations.

Officials said residual radium might still remain in a former painting
facility's sewer lines, along the bottoms of wooden walls and in hidden
areas where typical building workers are not likely to frequent.

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