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Subject: Re: [CPEO-MEF] A fort of ordnance
Thank you Christine for 'sharing the truth'!!!  NOW, back to my question
about 'ripping the blinders' off about the deadly health impact to the
environment and humans-did any newspaper 'print' this information about the
'dead birds'????  More importantly, did anyone care? I wonder if apathy is
as big a threat as the contamination issues.   Just some
"Integrity is doing the right thing.......
 Credibility is doing the right thing consistently"
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Subject: RE: [CPEO-MEF] A fort of ordnance

> Don't get your hopes up about people knowing the difference between dna
> mutating smoke and political and media smoke.
> It is no use trying to convince the herd that Fort Ord fires are not
> They are too educated to think for themselves. Now, people are saying the
> cleanup is really necessary because the can 'see' the munitions poking up
> from their ten foot trenched landfill.
> Soon, they will see more of their children, animals and plants get sick
> die and they will never link it up because they do not die during the
> time of smoke and ash exposure.
> By the way, hundreds of dead birds have already washed up on the same
> the smoke passed over, more to come. Is there a mention of the toxic
> No, of course not.
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> Was this 'accidental' out of control intentional fire a 'blessing in
> disguise'?  Did it not 'reveal' the truth regarding the amount of ordnance
> and land used by the military all these years? I listened to the same
> complaints over and over again regarding the heavy underbrush on Camp
> Bonneville and the amount of time, money and safety issues it would take
> clear the same.  I  shared with a few RAB members that a 'fire' would be a
> blessing in disguise from 'Mother Nature'; one to stop the complaining and
> two, exposure of the truth.
> On the other hand, the 'barren/moonscape' land bore witness to what
> 'training' does to the land and the fire exposed this truth to the naked
> eye.  My opinion, 'Mother Nature' and man did all of us a 'big' favor by
> exposing that ugly truth and 'ripping' off the blinders called
> I wonder what it is going to take to rip the blinders off and expose the
> damaging contamination consequences to the human body?
> Stella
> "Integrity is doing the right thing.......
>  Credibility is doing the right thing consistently"
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> Subject: [CPEO-MEF] A fort of ordnance
> > California
> > A fort of ordnance
> > By Michael Seville
> > Nov 1 2003 12:00AM  By
> >
> > Test rockets, artillery shells litter the landscape of former base
> >
> > FORT ORD - As fire officials continue to monitor several hotspots
> > dispersed among the rolling hills of the former Fort Ord after last
> > week's prescribed burn, the reasons for the fire have become astonishing
> > clear.
> >
> > Looking out over the barren moon-like landscape that was left after the
> > intentional blaze charred more than 1,450 acres, almost 1,000 more than
> > expected, hundreds of anti-tank rockets and mortars lay exposed
> > haphazardly among the skeletons of the maritime chaparral.
> >
> > "If people could see the amount of ordnance that is out there, they
> > would definitely understand why it was necessary for us to burn the
> > area," said Lauren Solis, public affairs officer for the United States
> > Army.
> >
> > Last Friday, a prescribed burn that was meant to consume only 490 acres
> > jumped a fire barrier and burned more than 1,450 acres among the 8,000
> > acre Main Range Area. The area was used by the Army and Navy to test
> > rockets and artillery shells from 1917-96, which explains both the sheer
> > volume of ordnance and the different types.
> >
> > The different types of munitions that were on display include anti-tank
> > 3.5-inch rockets to large 60-millimeter artillery shells, which were
> > fired from handheld launchers, tanks and enormous cannons.
> >
> > While the rockets stayed above the surface of the soil, many of the
> > larger artillery shells landed with such force that they could be
> > several feet underground and will have to be found with minesweepers and
> > metal detectors.
> >
> > Whether the ordnance was above or below the surface, the thick brush
> > that covered the hills would have made removal of the ordnance nearly
> > impossible without the burn.
> >
> > Military and ammunition officials escorted a group of journalists
> > Thursday into the heart of the areas burned to show the public why the
> > burn was necessary.
> >
> > Though detonation of ordnance was heard throughout the burn, which
> > lasted several days, military officials warned that much of the ordnance
> > would not have been set off by the blaze.
> >
> > "The fire did not necessarily detonate all the ordnance, but that is not
> > what the fire was for," said Colonel Mike Simone of the U.S. Army. "What
> > the fire did was clear out all the thick brush so that we can see or
> > allow mechanical instruments to check to see if there is any dangerous
> > ordnance out there."
> >
> > A hurdle now facing officials is that there is much more land to clear
> > of ordnance than was originally planned.
> >
> > "Now the challenge is that we have more than three times the area to
> > clear than we were planning on," said Simone. "We have to clear all that
> > land by next spring so that the vegetation doesn't grow back before we
> > can clear it out."
> >
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> > browser:
> >
> t%20of%20ordnance&BRD=1197&PAG=461&CATNAME=Top%20Stories&CATEGORYID=410
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