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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] British Court Blocks Dismantling Vessels
Great Britain
British Court Blocks Dismantling Vessels
By Michael McDonough
Wednesday November 5, 2003 3:16 PM

LONDON (AP) - Britain's high court has blocked a British company from
dismantling a fleet of old, rusty U.S. Navy vessels until judges hear
legal challenges filed by environmental groups.

The groups have campaigned against the arrival of the 13 ``ghost fleet''
ships, which contain toxins including asbestos, PCBs and more than
500,000 gallons of oil.

British officials last week withdrew permission for the vessels to be
dismantled in England because the company contracted to carry out the
work did not have authority to use dry docks. But the company, Able UK
Ltd., said it could resolve the problem by the time the first four ships
reach Britain.

Justice Maurice Kay set a hearing for Dec. 8. Until then, he ruled, the
ships could dock but no work should take place ``except for measures to
make and keep them safe.''

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