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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Law called threat to states' rights
Law called threat to states' rights
Proposed legislation would exempt military installations from
environmental laws
By Cindy Brovsky, Associated Press
November 3, 2003

AURORA - Bonnie Rader fought the military for years to clean up
unexploded ammunition at a former Air Force bombing range in this Denver

"Bombing ranges have so many surprises and it's usually the homeowner
who gets the surprise," said Rader, who lives near the former Lowry
Gunnery and Bombing Range. "Little people like me cannot make a
difference without the state and environmental laws to help us."

After two years of intense negotiation and a lawsuit, the state forced
the Defense Department to develop an extensive cleanup plan for the
59,000-acre site near the Aurora Reservoir in southeast Arapahoe County.

States could lose the power to enforce such environmental agreements if
Congress approves legislation requested by the Pentagon.

The Readiness and Range Preservation Initiative would make military
bases exempt from environmental laws that cover everything from
hazardous waste, air quality and endangered species.

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