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Subject: Re: [CPEO-MEF] "Erasing Bases"
The following was posted by Anne Snow <ourcoast@westnet.com.au>
I keep reading all these stories about how US people dont want bases

it is obvious the US military are closing bases on the US mainland and
moving them overseas BUT we certainly dont want them here! part of the
reason I suspect is because they can refuse to clean up their pollution
left in other countries and ignore illness amon vcivilians caused by
training without any fear of losing votes

In the case of western Australia it is to be a "defacto base " in an
attempt to avoid too much local protest but ships will be coming here on
a regular basis under the seaswap plan and more importantly to americans
they will be doing ship maintenance here despite your "title 10" laws
being set up to avoid ship maintenece work being done overseas

the Mcgowan report at

details the "sales trip" made to the US by the west australian govt reps
and tells of consultations with named high ranking military personell
and dicussion hints on how to circumvent " title 10"

I have emailed this to many people in the US inc unions. newspapers  etc
but no one has bothered to DO anything ! it even says in the report that
this would bcome a political issue there if it gets out !

the document is quite legal it is a  a report to parliament  - a public
document here.... if anyone wants verification it is geniune go to the
WA govt web site http://www.wa.gov.au/ and search hansard for
disccussion (approx last August) .....

if you dont want the military to close bases and we dont want them here
why cant we all work together ! maybe someone on this list will be
interested enough but from past experience I wont hold my breath waiting

A. Snow
Lancelin WA ( Western Australia )
STOP the SWAPS  www.seaswap.org

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