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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Nike site needs some attention
Nike site needs some attention
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By Keith Anderson

Subtle as it may seem, the federal government has at least acknowledged
that it has a responsibility in helping clean up a former missile site
just north of St. Bonifacius.

For years rural residents in that area have voiced their concerns over
possible contamination of the soil there and their fears that it could
eventually leak into the ground water that they drink.
Just last week, U.S. Congressman John Kline, who represents this area in
Washington, D.C., announced that $250,000 in federal funds would be on
the way.

Thatís big news for the people of this area. Although $250,000 may not
be nearly enough to help clean up any possible contamination, it will go
a long way in funding an environmental study, which should at least
pinpoint the extent of any possible problems and who is responsible.
The Nike Missile program was developed to protect the United State
shortly after World War II when military leaders realized that planes
flying at high altitude could drop nuclear bombs on large U.S. cities,
wiping out major populations in an instant. That realization led to the
deployment of the program in 1951.

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