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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Court asked to keep toxic ships in US
Great Britain
Court asked to keep toxic ships in US
Mark Oliver
Thursday October 2, 2003

The federal court in Washington DC will decide today whether to grant an
emergency bar on a "ghost fleet" of ageing, contaminated US navy ships
sailing to Britain.

Campaigners made the application yesterday arguing that the 13 redundant
ships are a potential environmental catastrophe.

Concern about the fleet, which is destined for Hartlepool in Teesside,
was raised by a report in the Guardian that revealed the plans.

The ships are contaminated with banned carcinogenic polychlorinated
biphenyls (PCBs), asbestos and heavy marine diesel oil.

Salvagers fear that if they sail without extensive work one or more
could break up during the 4,000-mile voyage.

The legal move in the US came as the Environment Agency approved the
decision to allow the ships to be scrapped in the UK, arguing that it
was "a better solution for the environment than disposing of then in
under-developed countries".

Today the judge will decide whether to grant the temporary restraining
order against the US maritime administration. If granted, the ruling
will confine the ships to a dock in James River, Virginia, until a full
hearing can take place.

This article can be viewed at:

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