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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Air Force seeks comment on Elmendorf project
Air Force seeks comment on Elmendorf project
By Christina Sessions
Web posted Monday, September 15, 2003

The Air Force is preparing to clean the elephant cage.

The United States Air Force, in conjunction with the Environment
Protection Agency and the Alaska Department of Environmental
Conservation, is seeking public comment this month regarding remedial
action for a contaminated area in the northwest area of Elmendorf Air
Force Base.

The area, currently the home of the 381st Intelligence Squadron, is
commonly referred to as the "elephant cage" due to the large metal
antenna tower that dominates the site. The more official term is DP98.

Contaminants were found on the site during the replacement of an
underground storage unit. The contamination appears to originate from a
building used as a vehicle maintenance facility in the 1950s. An
analysis of the soil led to the discovery of fuel and oil compounds.
Subsequent field studies found cleaning and degreasing solvents in the
soil and groundwater, according to the Air Force's proposed plan for
remedial action. The results of a remedial investigation revealed levels
of contaminates above state and federal cleanup standards.

Under its current land use, the study showed no significant health risks
from the soil and potential health risks from the groundwater only if
direct contact occurred, such as drinking, breathing the vapors or skin

Though the health risks are not great under current use, the Air Force
made a commitment to the state and the Environmental Protection Agency
to address any contamination issues.

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