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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Biologist slams Fort Richardson fence plan
Biologist slams Fort Richardson fence plan
FISH AND GAME: Wildlife expert says proposed barrier would take severe
toll on moose, other animals.
By Doug O'Harra
September 14, 2003

A controversial proposal to fence much of Fort Richardson's boundary
through Anchorage has drawn sharp criticism from the state's local
management biologist, who argues the current design will indirectly kill
off lots of moose.

Building up to 34 miles of 8-foot chain-link or galvanized rail barriers
from Chugiak to Muldoon and Far North Bicentennial Park will also create
serious problems for other wildlife and even contradicts Fort
Richardson's natural resource policy, according to official written and
verbal comments by Rick Sinnott, representing the Alaska Department of
Fish and Game.

"The proposed fence will have a greater impact on moose populations than
any other project in the 90-year history of Anchorage," he wrote.

In a 13-page memo to the Army, Sinnott argued that the military's fence
analysis contains mistakes and bad data, doesn't consider the impact
combined with other military projects and may violate federal rules. The
whole project needs to be redone under a broader and more detailed
environmental study.

"If I had my way, I would see them abandon the fence idea," he said this

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